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The BIG Clambake Chefame/Eating Crowe's Giant Clambake   We've had a lot of fun throwing our Open (and now Pro) Chefame events and now we're going to be putting on a whole new crazy night of fun...  A giant clambake...


Pro ChefAMe #1 - The Details! September 14th has shaped up to be a prolific evening. ChefAMe is proud to present its first pro event in partnership with the Warwick Hotel and Tavern 17.  Pro ChefAMe will be different from our previous...


Our first Pro ChefAMe! Open ChefAMe has been incredible so far. We've now done five successful events and we feel that we've learned so much along the way. Our next event is something special. We're holding our first Professional...


More information on Open ChefAMe #5More information on Open ChefAMe #5 The next event is just around the corner.  Ava is an Italian BYOB (so please, BYOB) located just north of South Street.  We're very excited to have both of our ChefAMe chefs cooking for you at Open ChefAMe...



What will we eat?

Ahh, this a great question and the answer changes every single event.  We’ll provide information over on the blog with all the details for the venue and more

How much does this fantastic night cost?

This question comes with a very similar answer to the one above — it varies from event to event.  The first event we had was $25/head.  This seemed like a fair number and everyone who showed up wondered why a 3-course, delicious meal with free alcohol was so cheap.  Don’t worry, we listened but not that well.  We want to provide a great meal, an awesome atmosphere and a fun night to everyone at a price that doesn’t break the bank.  Keep an eye on the blog for more information about the next Open ChefAMe.

How will the night go?

Awesome! But seriously, we’d like everyone to show up as close to the start time as possible.  We’ll do a cocktail hour and then start offering up some of our chefs’ delicious offerings.  Each Open ChefAMe can be setup different.  Sometimes it’s a sit-down meal and other times it’s a great tasting.  You’ll have to keep your ears open and buy your tickets early to find out.

A Great Large Group

How did you come up with this incredible idea?

It was simple. While sitting at the Dark Horse in Philadelphia, we got to talking about how much we love karaoke and eating. We tried to combine both of these fantastic American pastimes to bring you an experience you won’t soon forget. Thus ChefAMe was born and only a few weeks later, we’re holding our first Open ChefAMe night.

Do you have any restaurant experience?

Not exactly. Jesse has worked in IT most of his life. Evan works in the corporate finance world. Bart has experience in the catering business and currently runs a creative agency out of IndyHall. And Louis is a musician who has worked as a short-order cook but now goes to school for music at Berklee College of Music.

The First Menu

I love to cook, how do I get to cook at a ChefAMe event?

We’re so glad you asked.  Becoming a part of the ChefAMe family is a long, difficult and tedious process.  Just check out the 5 points that you need to have in order to join us:

1. You must cherish and love the food you prepare, serve and eat.
2. You must be confident in your cooking ability.  Never waver above a hot cauldron or jump away from a sizzling pan.
3. You must prepare delicious, delectable and devilish food.  No matter what style you cook in, it must taste great.
4. You must contact us.  We know it sounds unbelievably simple but too many people don’t take a risk.  Plus, getting in touch with us is fun.  We recommend the smoke signal method.
5. You must enjoy the glory.  Being part of the ChefAMe family is a unique experience.  This experience provide fun, laughter, loads of fame and fortune (eh, maybe not) and a budget to work with (just enough to not scare people away).  That’s not too shabby.

If you think you have what it takes, let us know.  Maybe you’ll be cooking at the next event.

How do I stay up-to-date on all the awesome stuff going on with ChefAMe?

That’s one the easiest things to do around here.  Sign up for our mailing list and you’ll be on your way to a tasty meal in no time.

What if I have more questions?

No problemo. You can find numerous ways to contact us over on the contact page.   We love to field your questions and hear what you have to say.

Photos by David Snyder