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The BIG Clambake Chefame/Eating Crowe's Giant Clambake   We've had a lot of fun throwing our Open (and now Pro) Chefame events and now we're going to be putting on a whole new crazy night of fun...  A giant clambake...


Pro ChefAMe #1 - The Details! September 14th has shaped up to be a prolific evening. ChefAMe is proud to present its first pro event in partnership with the Warwick Hotel and Tavern 17.  Pro ChefAMe will be different from our previous...


Our first Pro ChefAMe! Open ChefAMe has been incredible so far. We've now done five successful events and we feel that we've learned so much along the way. Our next event is something special. We're holding our first Professional...


More information on Open ChefAMe #5More information on Open ChefAMe #5 The next event is just around the corner.  Ava is an Italian BYOB (so please, BYOB) located just north of South Street.  We're very excited to have both of our ChefAMe chefs cooking for you at Open ChefAMe...


The next Open ChefAMe

Posted by Jesse Middleton | Posted in Event Info | Posted on 02-08-2009


The next Open ChefAMe (Number 5!) is well under way.  We’re making the final preparations and we’d love for you to be there.  Grab your tickets as soon as possible so they don’t sell out from under you.  The next set of chefs, menu and location will be announced soon.

Dessert from Number 3When:
August 24, 2009 at 6:30pm

To Be Announced

Who’s cooking?
To Be Announced

$35 per person

You can buy your tickets online or off — Either way, they are pre-sale only (no money at the door) so get ‘em now because they’re going fast!

We’ve had a lot of people ask us if they can purchase a subscription to the upcoming Open ChefAMe events and we are happy to announce that now you can!  Just head over to our ChefAMe Subscriptions page for all of the details.

Get more information on this upcoming Open ChefAMe over on the blog and keep an eye out for the bios of our chefs and the menu for July 27th!

Photo by FriedWontons4U

The details for Open ChefAMe #4

Posted by Jesse Middleton | Posted in Event Info, Menus | Posted on 23-07-2009


We know it’s been a little while since we’ve sent out an Open ChefAMe update email but this is the email you’ve been waiting for!  All of the details are set for the July 27th event — the place is picked, the menu is finalized and the seats are filled.  Check out all of the information below and please feel free to email us if you have any questions or comments.

Where will the exciting night take place this time?
This is an easy question to answer — map).  Michael Campagna, the proprietor of Ava, is one of the coolest guys we’ve met and he’s kind enough to open the doors this coming Monday to showcase our two amazing chefs.  In addition, Ava is a BYOB so feel free to bring your favorite bottles of wine, liquor or beer to enjoy with your meal.

Who’s cooking and what’s on the menu?
Our menu this time around has a summery vibe to it.  We asked the chefs to prepare food that would capture summer, fun, warmth and deliciousness and they’ve done just that.  Tim Crowe (EatingCrowe.com) and our blog.

  • First Course:
    • Langoustine Buzara (from Tim) – Langoustines braised in a light broth so satisfying you wish you had a juice box of it for a picnic
    • Shrimp Guacamole (from Sarah) – Guacamole with small tequila-grilled shrimp and fire-roasted poblano chilies.
  • Second Course:
    • Braised short ribs (from Tim) – Short ribs with grilled corn, pepper, and onion relish.
    • Spicy Quail (from Sarah) – Quail marinated and glazed in brown sugar, soy sauce, clover honey, jalapenos, garlic, and then roasted.
  • Dessert:
    • Tim and Sarah will be preparing a surprise fruity, creamy dessert that we’re sure everyone will enjoy.

What time should I get there and what’s the deal with parking?
So glad you asked.  We’re inviting everyone in the doors of Ava at 6:30pm.  We’d like to start serving around 7:00pm so please be prompt.  There is a parking lot directly across the street that will cost only $3 if you get your parking card stamped by Ava before leaving the restaurant.  This is a great deal that Ava is extending to our guests.

We’re very excited for this Open ChefAMe and we hope you are too.  For those of you with the vegetarian option, we’ll be announcing that menu at the event.  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us via our many contact options.  See you on Monday.

Your ChefAMe Crew
Louis, Evan, Bart and Jesse

Address: 435 Bainbridge Street Outer Philadelphia,PA 19147.

Meet Tim Crowe — IT meets food and fun

Posted by Jesse Middleton | Posted in Interviews and Bios | Posted on 17-07-2009


Tim Crowe

Tim spent 10 years behind his computer as a programmer and social media consultant. As his hands and back twisted and he became more Gollum-like he realized he needed a new hobby. Around the same time he was getting into the slow food movement and after reading Kitchen Confidential and The Omnivore’s Dilemma he felt inspired. In the fall of 2008 he started attending culinary school at The Art Institute of Philadelphia. Food has become his obsession. You can see his culinary stylings on his cooking show Eating Crowe.

Interested in what Tim’s working on over at Eating Crowe?  We’ve included one of his episodes below for your viewing enjoyment.  We can’t wait to have him in the Open ChefAMe kitchen!

Sarah Feidt — An artist and foodie at number four

Posted by Jesse Middleton | Posted in Interviews and Bios | Posted on 17-07-2009


We’re very excited for Sarah, one of our two chefs at the next Open ChefAMe, to be cooking for all of you.  Sarah FeidtShe has a menu of summery foods that will knock your socks off.  And if you’re the adventurous type, maybe you can join her on one of her wilderness trips the next time she’s not making a delectable meal.

TerraMar Adventures. When she’s not consulting to businesses or leading groups into the PA wilderness, she spends her time in the flamenco or tango studio, at the archery or gun range, on a horse, standing in front of an easel, or sitting in front of a piano or computer. She will on occasion sleep, but given the option she would rather drink more coffee and keep going. This might be how she finds time to cook.

A foodie by nature, Sarah really started getting to know her kitchen when she began “clean eating” — removing all processed foods and substances from her diet. She quickly learned that she had to cook in order to sustain that lifestyle, and just as quickly learned she had to cook creatively to sustain her sanity. The spark caught, and Sarah has been increasingly inventive and enthusiastic about cooking and subjecting her friends (and now community) to her culinary whims ever since.

Hosted at Ava

Springwise found Open ChefAMe

Posted by Jesse Middleton | Posted in Press | Posted on 01-07-2009


We love press.  We especially love good press.  That’s why we’re excited to share a post that Springwise, a site dedicated to finding the most interesting entrepreneurial ideas, wrote about Open ChefAMe today.  Check it out over on their site or read an excerpt below.

If the underground restaurant known as Open ChefAMe is in some ways its opposite, featuring instead the creations of different aspiring chefs at each of its well-publicized monthly events.

Through the participation of a few Philadelphia restaurants, Open ChefAMe offers what it calls an “open mic night” for local aspiring chefs on one Monday each month. The chosen culinary talents for each event get to pick the menu for a three-course meal, take over the kitchen at the participating restaurant and then cook dinner for a crowd.

Read more…

Food pictures galore!

Posted by Jesse Middleton | Posted in Press | Posted on 30-06-2009


We had quite an amazing third Open ChefAMe and now we’re starting to see some incredible photos of the food surfacing.  Check out some of the beautiful shots that posted on their blogs:


Dessert from Number 3

Dessert from Number 3

Dessert from Number 3

Marisa at Apartment 2024:

Smoked Mussels with Paprika-Mustard Oil

Wild Mushroom Crepe with Tarragon Creme Fraiche

Call for chefs for #4

Posted by Jesse Middleton | Posted in Event Info | Posted on 26-06-2009


We’re busy working on the fourth rendition of Open ChefAMe and this time around we’re going to theme the whole night.  We’ll have two chefs, five courses (2 dishes per chef and 1 joint dessert) and the summer weather all wrapped into one great evening.

We’re on the lookout for the next two chefs.  The theme will be summer, light and airy.  These should be the types of dishes you’d serve on those hot, Philadelphia summer nights.  In order to choose the next two we need menus.

Email helloThere@openchefame.com with the subject “I want to cook at #4″ with two dishes that you’d like to cook on July 27th.  We’re looking to see exactly what you’d make to serve 65+ people.  Please write it the way that we’d put it on our menu.  Describe how delicious it will be and what some of the key ingredients are.

We’ll be accepting chef’s menus until July 3rd at 5:00pm.  Make sure you send them over soon so we can have plenty of time to go through it all and figure out what delicious dishes and great chefs will be at the next Open ChefAMe event.

Open ChefAMe on Philly.com

Posted by Jesse Middleton | Posted in Press | Posted on 25-06-2009


Philly.com joined us at our third Open ChefAMe event and shot some great video of some of the chefs and the rest of the evening.  Listen to some of the things that were cooked up and hear some of our guests share their love of food, friends and fun.

Who does number 3 support?

Posted by Jesse Middleton | Posted in Event Info | Posted on 17-06-2009


As most of you know, we at Open ChefAMe love charity.  In fact, we donate over 25% of our profits to at least one charity at every single Open ChefAMe night!

At the first event, our two chefs decided on Philabundance, the Philadelphia region’s largest hunger relief organization.  This time around, our four chefs have picked another great cause…

LCFS (Lutheran Child and Family Services).  They provide a number of services to children and families including foster care, adoption, services to children in their own homes and after-school programs. In addition, LCFS plays a major role in refugee resettlement and the care of unaccompanied refugee minors. They are a great organization that helps families and children in their times of need.


We are happy to support another great cause.  We hope that everyone enjoys their night on June 22nd at our 3rd Open ChefAMe.

If you were unable to get into this event, take a look at our next one on July 27th.  We haven’t picked a place or chefs yet but we’re sure that it will be another wonderful Open ChefAMe night.

Open ChefAMe Free Ticket Contest

Posted by Jesse Middleton | Posted in Contests, Event Info | Posted on 16-06-2009


We think that Open ChefAMe nights are the bees knees and we hope you do too!  Now we’d like to make June 22nd’s Open ChefAMe the cat’s meow by having you and a guest join the fun!  We’re offering two free tickets to one lucky winner over the next 24 hours.

Want to know how you get in on this awesome contest?

It’s easy.  Simply send out a Tweet with two things:  1) The strangest dish that you have ever eaten and 2) Share this link with your friends: .  Let us know — Have you had snake?  Blood soup?  Fish heads?  Or anything else that might be strange and unique.

Some examples of Tweets could be:

You can phrase it any way you’d like.  Just be sure to include http://bit.ly/ChefAMe and the strangest food you’ve had.  We’ll end the contest tomorrow at noon (EST) and the weirdest thing we’ve heard of will win 2 tickets to the event on June 22nd!  Make sure you’re following on Twitter because it’s where we’ll announce the winner!