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The BIG Clambake Chefame/Eating Crowe's Giant Clambake   We've had a lot of fun throwing our Open (and now Pro) Chefame events and now we're going to be putting on a whole new crazy night of fun...  A giant clambake...


Pro ChefAMe #1 - The Details! September 14th has shaped up to be a prolific evening. ChefAMe is proud to present its first pro event in partnership with the Warwick Hotel and Tavern 17.  Pro ChefAMe will be different from our previous...


Our first Pro ChefAMe! Open ChefAMe has been incredible so far. We've now done five successful events and we feel that we've learned so much along the way. Our next event is something special. We're holding our first Professional...


More information on Open ChefAMe #5More information on Open ChefAMe #5 The next event is just around the corner.  Ava is an Italian BYOB (so please, BYOB) located just north of South Street.  We're very excited to have both of our ChefAMe chefs cooking for you at Open ChefAMe...


Listen to ChefAMe on KYW1060

Posted by Jesse Middleton | Posted in Interviews and Bios, Press | Posted on 13-09-2009


We always try to keep the press page up to date on our site but we did something pretty fun the other day that we wanted to share with everyone.

I was interviewed by KYW 1060’s Hadas Kuznits outside of the Warwick Hotel and Tavern 17 about the upcoming Pro ChefAMe.  Last week it aired on the radio and a copy of it is also online.  Go ahead and give it a listen and we hope to see you out at a future ChefAMe event!

Springwise found Open ChefAMe

Posted by Jesse Middleton | Posted in Press | Posted on 01-07-2009


We love press.  We especially love good press.  That’s why we’re excited to share a post that Springwise, a site dedicated to finding the most interesting entrepreneurial ideas, wrote about Open ChefAMe today.  Check it out over on their site or read an excerpt below.

If the underground restaurant known as Open ChefAMe is in some ways its opposite, featuring instead the creations of different aspiring chefs at each of its well-publicized monthly events.

Through the participation of a few Philadelphia restaurants, Open ChefAMe offers what it calls an “open mic night” for local aspiring chefs on one Monday each month. The chosen culinary talents for each event get to pick the menu for a three-course meal, take over the kitchen at the participating restaurant and then cook dinner for a crowd.

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Food pictures galore!

Posted by Jesse Middleton | Posted in Press | Posted on 30-06-2009


We had quite an amazing third Open ChefAMe and now we’re starting to see some incredible photos of the food surfacing.  Check out some of the beautiful shots that posted on their blogs:


Dessert from Number 3

Dessert from Number 3

Dessert from Number 3

Marisa at Apartment 2024:

Smoked Mussels with Paprika-Mustard Oil

Wild Mushroom Crepe with Tarragon Creme Fraiche

Open ChefAMe on Philly.com

Posted by Jesse Middleton | Posted in Press | Posted on 25-06-2009


Philly.com joined us at our third Open ChefAMe event and shot some great video of some of the chefs and the rest of the evening.  Listen to some of the things that were cooked up and hear some of our guests share their love of food, friends and fun.

Open ChefAMe on 6abc!

Posted by Jesse Middleton | Posted in Letters, Press | Posted on 15-06-2009


We’ve been very lucky so far with our food venture, Open ChefAMe.  We’ve had major press from local papers, foodies, blogs and more and now we have yet another notch in our belt.  6abc’s program, FYI Philly, covered the whole second Open ChefAMe. They shared with the Philadelphia community what Open ChefAMe is all about.

Thank you to Marilyn, Adam Joseph, Karen Rogers and everyone else involved with this television program.  You were a pleasure to have at the event and we hope you’ll join us again soon for a delicious meal (maybe even on June 22nd).