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The details for Open ChefAMe #4

Posted by Jesse Middleton | Posted in Event Info, Menus | Posted on 23-07-2009


We know it’s been a little while since we’ve sent out an Open ChefAMe update email but this is the email you’ve been waiting for!  All of the details are set for the July 27th event — the place is picked, the menu is finalized and the seats are filled.  Check out all of the information below and please feel free to email us if you have any questions or comments.

Where will the exciting night take place this time?
This is an easy question to answer — map).  Michael Campagna, the proprietor of Ava, is one of the coolest guys we’ve met and he’s kind enough to open the doors this coming Monday to showcase our two amazing chefs.  In addition, Ava is a BYOB so feel free to bring your favorite bottles of wine, liquor or beer to enjoy with your meal.

Who’s cooking and what’s on the menu?
Our menu this time around has a summery vibe to it.  We asked the chefs to prepare food that would capture summer, fun, warmth and deliciousness and they’ve done just that.  Tim Crowe (EatingCrowe.com) and Sarah Feidt will be creating, cooking and plating this menu for you on Monday, July 27th.  To find out more about these two chefs, check out our blog.

  • First Course:
    • Langoustine Buzara (from Tim) – Langoustines braised in a light broth so satisfying you wish you had a juice box of it for a picnic
    • Shrimp Guacamole (from Sarah) – Guacamole with small tequila-grilled shrimp and fire-roasted poblano chilies.
  • Second Course:
    • Braised short ribs (from Tim) – Short ribs with grilled corn, pepper, and onion relish.
    • Spicy Quail (from Sarah) – Quail marinated and glazed in brown sugar, soy sauce, clover honey, jalapenos, garlic, and then roasted.
  • Dessert:
    • Tim and Sarah will be preparing a surprise fruity, creamy dessert that we’re sure everyone will enjoy.

What time should I get there and what’s the deal with parking?
So glad you asked.  We’re inviting everyone in the doors of Ava at 6:30pm.  We’d like to start serving around 7:00pm so please be prompt.  There is a parking lot directly across the street that will cost only $3 if you get your parking card stamped by Ava before leaving the restaurant.  This is a great deal that Ava is extending to our guests.

We’re very excited for this Open ChefAMe and we hope you are too.  For those of you with the vegetarian option, we’ll be announcing that menu at the event.  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us via our many contact options.  See you on Monday.

Your ChefAMe Crew
Louis, Evan, Bart and Jesse

Address: 435 Bainbridge Street Outer Philadelphia,PA 19147.

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