01 Jul, 2009

Springwise found Open ChefAMe

Posted by: Jesse Middleton In: Press

We love press.  We especially love good press.  That’s why we’re excited to share a post that Springwise, a site dedicated to finding the most interesting entrepreneurial ideas, wrote about Open ChefAMe today.  Check it out over on their site or read an excerpt below.

If the underground restaurant known as Open ChefAMe is in some ways its opposite, featuring instead the creations of different aspiring chefs at each of its well-publicized monthly events.

Through the participation of a few Philadelphia restaurants, Open ChefAMe offers what it calls an “open mic night” for local aspiring chefs on one Monday each month. The chosen culinary talents for each event get to pick the menu for a three-course meal, take over the kitchen at the participating restaurant and then cook dinner for a crowd.

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