21 May, 2009

We thank you, City Paper

Posted by: Jesse Middleton In: Letters

As most of you know, the an Open ChefAMe night!  That’s a pretty rad newspaper.

Now they’ve given us a fantastic writeup on this week’s City Paper (May 21-May 28, 2009) on page 61.  If you can’t get your hands on the physical copy, you can check it out on their site.  We’ve also posted part of the article right here for you to enjoy:

I watch a whole lot of Top Chef, which means I have a whole lot of inaccurate ideas about what it’s like to cook on the clock. “Y’all have an hour to make an entrée out of fruit cocktail and Chili Fritos!” I like to yell at the TV while drinking. “What is taking you so long?” Now that I’ve participated in Open ChefAMe, however, I now know just how fast the minutes can melt away while you’re hunched over a cutting board.

Thank you Drew, Felicia and the rest of the CP crew.

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