06 Apr, 2009

An Open Thank You Letter

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Dear Everyone,

Thank you, thank you, thank you! You guys all made this a fantastic first Open Chef-A-Me night and we were so happy to have had the chance to share it with you guys and gals. We had a turn out of over 40 people which was way more than we expected for the first event and you showed us just how much you enjoyed the evening. We are in the midst of planning the next Open Chef-A-Me night which we hope will be even bigger and better than the first. Many of the ideas and a lot of the feedback that you all passed along to us will be incorporated into the next event.

During the past few weeks, we received a lot of awesome press. Some of the places that spoke and wrote about us were:

  • PhillyFoodGuys

We want to thank the people and groups that made this night possible!

The Cooks

  • Bart Mroz - He was the chef that made it happen along with…
  • Magda Kozak - Who was Bart’s sous chef and the brains of the wonderful Polish cheese cake that we all loved so much.
  • Bridge Market Group - These guys helped by not only sponsoring us with some money (to help offset the cost of attendance) but also in gaining us one amazing sponsor…
  • Victory Brewing Company - All the beer at the event (including the porter that the beef was cooked in) was provide by the thoughtful people over at Victory.
  • Langostini Restaurant - Irina, George, Mama and Emily were all great! They provide the space, the help and the atmosphere that I know everyone loved.
  • Jimmy Crowley - Jimmy helped us out by connecting us with the Langostini Restaurant and by being the helpful host with the most at the event.
  • And last but not least, we want to thank everyone who attended. The guests are what make the night worthwhile. We get the space, the chefs and the help but without you guys, it would have meant a lot of food for the few of us involved. We can eat, but not that much.

There will be another Open Chef-A-Me night very soon and you all will be the first to know. If you have any feedback that you haven’t already shared with us, feel free to email and let us know or give us a call at 215.275.6557 if you’d prefer the old fashioned method.

Bart, Louis, Evan and Jesse

Photo by David Snyder

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When is the next event?

The next event is right around the corner. We'll be having it May 18th at 6:30pm at our beloved Dark Horse Pub in Philadelphia. It's where the magic all started and that's where we'd like to take you this time around.

Check out the details and keep an eye out for a new, fun format for the whole night!